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Desperate Times - Desperate Measures: An HR perspecti...

Once again, we managed to bring together key leaders within the service center industry to start a conversation about the sector’s present and future – But this time, the focus was on HR.


„Desperate times – Desperate measures”: An exclusive ...

Once again we had the privilege of moderating yet another exclusive chatroom, during which the effects of the worldwide pandemic, primarily on the logistics industry, were subject to discussion.


Echoes of recent weeks - key thoughts of top managers...

As promised, we have summarized the key conclusions of the SSC / BSC / BPO Senior Leaders' Chatroom, which Knowledge Pyramid Kft. had the opportunity to organize and moderate.


Exclusive Business Leaders Workshop

Not just a simple workshop, but also the beginning of a new direction.


Our company is like a living, breathing organism.

Why is it that when experiencing bodily or psychological problems, we immediately turn to an expert, doctor, psychologist or coach, but when it comes to our business being “ill” or stuck in its development, we do not tend to contact the professional needed who could be of aid?

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