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Exclusive Business Leaders Workshop

Knowledge Pyramid’s November 12 “Exclusive Business Leaders Workshop” was attended by prominent members of top management coming from the Business Services sector. The uniqueness of the topic at hand stemmed from the goal of the workshop, which was to examine the integration of the 40+ generation’s employment, and the general openness and possibilities surrounding it. Our company is committed towards this subject, and we find the opportunity to work on such a controversial and important topic with distinguished leaders within the Business Services sector inspirational. In our opinion, the number of those willing to deal with the “issues” concerning the 40+ age group is negligible, despite the huge potential this generation offers in the labour market.

Knowledge based on theoretical foundations
The relevance of the topic lies in the fact that the 40+ generation is a group that possesses considerable experience, but symptoms related to mental health symptoms can be observed among many of its members (depression, burnout, existential crises). During the workshop, we discussed know-hows, (learning) capabilities related to the age group, and potential employers’ company-and leadership culture.
Both the leaders of the participating firms and the lead trainer professionals agreed that with enough openness, managerial preparedness and professional support the dilemmas mentioned can be resolved, and the associated risk factors can be mitigated. The theoretical material shed light on the magnitude of turnover costs, the way to lower them, and the way in which they can be utilized to implement a successful integration programme for the 40+ generation. In addition, the added value brought to the table by this age group towards work, which can provide a stable operative environment in the long run within multinational organisations, was also highlighted.

What can an employee belonging to the 40+ generation offer to the employer?
It is important to understand the values of employees belonging to the 40+ age group, and their positioning in the company hierarchy. An employee coming from the 40+ generation boasts the following advantages compared to his/her colleagues’ who possess less professional-and/or life experience:
  • They are loyal to the firm, and the possibility of them leaving the company when feeling unsatisfied is lower. This is a sizeable advantage compared to younger generations, because turnover can be greatly limited through their employment,
  • Due to their life experience, their attitude towards dealing with certain problems is generally more mature and professional,
  • They do not have unrealistic expectations, but rather more modest plans and goals in both their private lives and careers,
  • They have solid business-and work-related experience, which makes it easier to work with them compared to younger generations,
  • They are more focused, precise, characterised by maximalism
  • They are proactive when it comes to social/community events
  • They possess a mature personality, have no mood swings, are predictable in work
  • Their performance is trackable and balanced, which results in less surprises when working with them 
In conclusion, there is a lot of potential within employees coming from the 40+ generation. During the workshop, the way to motivate them so that they do not tire out of the tasks at hand, was also mentioned.

The workshop is not simply a theoretical, but also a practical guide

During the second phase, the obtainment of practical knowledge, the discovery of new directions and the importance of teamwork was given attention. The creative brainstorming consisted of each participant sharing relevant knowledge and experience according to him/her, and the suggestions for solutions that could become constructive getaways during certain events.
Knowledge Pyramid believes that it can provide support and offer new solutions to companies’ management teams to tackle the challenges of the future via its „out of the box” view on business matters.
„I can say that as an expert and consultant, success for us means that we close the workshop with solid results, and we’d be thrilled to know that you took the things learned during the workshop home with excitement” – said Monika Slomska, Managing Director of Knowledge Pyramid, launching the workshop.
We believe that this goal was realised by the end of the event, and other than spending a day full of joy and creativity, everyone managed to obtain theoretical and practical knowledge in this controversial but „off the grid” subject.
Additional workshops featuring innovative topics in the future
We plan to launch similar workshops with further controversial, fresh subjects. Knowledge Pyramid stands ready to provide aid in any change-and crisis management situation when required and is ready to grant support to representatives of companies facing acute circumstances.