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If you want something you've never had, then you have to do something you've never done.​ /Thomas Jefferson/

Sticking to the motto above, we opened Knowledge Pyramid Kft.’s Exclusive Business Leaders Workshop held on the 12th of November - during which we discussed the integration of the 40+ generation’s employment together with distinguished members of top management within the Business Services sector. 
In relation to the employment of the generation mentioned, the skills, learning abilities, and the company and leadership culture of potential employers were subject to a thorough debate. Each and every one of us agreed that with sufficient openness, managerial readiness and professional support the associated dilemmas and risk factors could be diminished. 

We highlighted the magnitude of costs attributed to high employee turnover and the way such costs can be decreased and utilized positively with the establishment of a 40+ generation integration program. Moreover, this generation’s added value towards work, which can lead to a stable operative environment in the long run in multigenerational organizations, was also given prominent attention.

What could the 40+ generation possibly offer to employers?
·         They are loyal
·         They have life experience
·         They have moderate career desires
·         They have solid business and work experience
·         Focused on work
·         They manage their own social needs outside of work
·         Mature personality
·         Balanced performance – fewer surprises

We believe that the integration of the aforementioned generation into the Business Services Sector can be carried out successfully, and to this end, with the aid of our experts we can provide all the support required to our clients open to challenge their status quo.