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The perfect match

If a company is functioning as it should, the organisation appears as if it were a colourful puzzle, with each and every piece being at its place, and therefore presents a perfect, full picture. However, if one of these pieces were to fall, it would need to be replaced immediately. The question is, with WHOM and HOW.

Headhunting is a highly complex task. On one hand, it is crucial to know and understand the client company, its structure, culture, business activity, and comprehend the role which a future colleague may occupy. On the other hand, being aware of a jobseeker’s abilities, qualities and needs is also important. Using self-collected information, a good headhunter is capable of arranging a meeting which may very well result in the perfect match – for the benefit of everyone.

Exclusive headhunting – pursuit of the perfect match
During the past two decades I have worked with numerous colourful, multicultural teams: I had to find common ground with colleagues, project coordinators, managers and leaders possessing different cultural backgrounds. Besides operative management, my tasks comprised of process mapping, process assessment and transformation, business strategy planning-and development, fully comprehensive crisis-and change management, organisational development, general business consulting and also mentoring and coaching of leaders. This multi-layered work brought me new challenges continuously, and with it, a great amount of knowledge and experience. This know-how and learning contributed to my capability of offering exclusive headhunting services to my partners.

The 7 keys to my success
As I already mentioned, a headhunting that results in mutual satisfaction requires substantial amounts of work, a vast amount of experience, and an extensive network. Besides these elements there are of course other factors that help with obtaining results. Based on my experiences and the feedback coming from my partners, I believe that my exclusive headhunting service is successful thanks to the following, in my view, crucial factors:

Professional assessment of needs
In order to find the missing, perfectly matching puzzle piece of an organisation, I need to get to know my partners on a profound level. This applies to both the company looking for employees, and to the jobseekers as well. My organisational development-and consulting related experience assists me in supporting my partners when it comes to defining their needs, so that a perfect match could be found.

Continuous communication
I believe in honest communication. For this reason, one of the most significant cornerstones of headhunting in my point of view is continuous communication, so that my partner may always know what is happening, how we are progressing with the job at hand, or whether there is any need for change.

Value proposition
The service offered by me does not wish to compete in numerical terms with other headhunting companies. For me, the value I provide is of great importance. The professionals who I find for a given position do not simply “match” with a company in terms of abilities and skills, but are also individuals who boast values that are similar to my client’s.

Rainbow-coloured palette of services
It is also part of my job that I try to convince my clients not to concentrate on filling positions left behind by departing staff members, but to place the most suitable person in a vacant role. Being in possession of relational capital accumulated over two decades, my goal is not the tailoring of clients’ needs to my offered services, but the provision of services whose flexible, colourful formation and combination match the needs of said clients.

Living relationships instead of databases
The highly prized treasure of headhunting companies, a fully self-owned database does not matter if the candidates within it are inactive or if the data itself is outdated, or if the professional seeking the ideal candidate is not searching for the perfectly fitting “puzzle piece”. Among my most important sources of capital are my living relationships, as I only forward relevant candidates to my clients.

2 in 1 interview
Interviews are a cardinal step within my work, and I aim to provide unique services when it comes to the process. I have worked many years as a leader using both conceptual and operative thinking. This has given me the ability to conduct interviews during which I become fully aware of a given candidate’s skills, abilities, needs, but also of a candidate’s ability to fit in an organisation’s way of life and culture.

One of the cornerstones of successful headhunting is meaningful partnership, in which we provide feedback to each other. In order to find the perfect match successfully, it is of utmost importance that I fully understand the qualities of a position for which there is an opening, and what types of traits and competencies one must possess in order to fit in that position. However, this fundamental and thorough process is many times set aside by firms, but there are also examples of companies not being capable of expressing their needs properly, or they simply make errors when it comes to the identification of their needs. To remedy that, I am fully capable of offering aid and support when it comes to the definition or restructuring of a given position.