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I am Monika Slomska, founder and managing director of Knowledge Pyramid Ltd. With the foundation of the company I have fulfilled my longstanding dream of having an opportunity to offer personalized, best-in-class quality services based on more than two decades of operational experience in order to offer the essential support needed when it comes to managing change in organizations.
On my introductory page I would like to share some thoughts about myself and how I can be of assistance.


Why is choosing Knowledge Pyramid, and with it, Me, the ideal choice?

  • Possessing more than two decades worth of professional experience, I know that even the smallest amount of change can impact organizations in a sensitive manner.
  • When composing the work schedule, I pay special attention to my client so that he or she may fully identify with it, which in turn leads to its flawless realization through mutual cooperation.
  • I am a diversity-sensitive leader taking a coaching approach towards work. Therefore, I am not only capable of recognizing problems, but also of supporting my clients with the prioritization of the tasks needed to reach the organization’s goals.
  • When it comes to work, I think of problems as unique challenges, and consequently, I address them with unique solutions while taking into account an organization’s distinctive needs and opportunities.
  • As a result of possessing numerous years of versatile technical expertise I am fully adept at providing unique and functioning solutions whose implementation is done in cooperation with my client, while providing support at every step throughout the process.
  • I am an expert at managing multigenerational
    and multicultural organizations.
  • If necessary, I am also professional at finding
    talent that is both sought after and effortlessly
    capable of integration into the organization
    in question.

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Owner, Managing Director
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A change manager who is capable of seeing clearly during times of chaos.

During my 23 years of working in various fields as an expert, leader and consultant, both within corporate and private sectors, I have seen countless times how everyday duties are capable of draining significant amounts of resources. This can lead to difficulties related to general prioritization and the execution of essential projects that could induce significant change.

From an internal perspective, it is many times challenging to notice an impending crisis or the necessity of change.

However, the rapid development of the world of business and the swift generational transformation of the employed workforce do, in fact, bring about the need for change.

A change manager who is capable of seeing clearly during times of chaos.

If one does not adapt to adjusting circumstances, one will be left behind.

This is why employers tend to turn to external consultancy firms, who usually intend to offer solutions based on their own standard and applied schemas.

Throughout my career as a client I have experienced various times that the final solution rarely ended up as something I would have preferred. I have felt frequently that we “did not speak the same language”. I have also met a consultant who was known as an extraordinary specialist, but it turned out that the knowledge offered was widely theoretical, since the same solution was applied in practice to a number of clients, irrespective of their unique circumstances.

A change manager who is capable of seeing clearly during times of chaos.

I believe it is easier to notice the necessity of transformation from an outer perspective. For this very purpose an external expert may be more efficient who, with adequate insight, practical experience and ambition, is able to realise the needs of a client.

Having obtained more than two decades of experience in the profession, I can say that as an experienced change manager I am not simply concerned with the correction and mitigation of any damages during crisis situations. By seeing change as an opportunity, I also offer support in the long run.

An organisational developer who is able to predict the future but plans in the present.

Irrespective of a company’s profile, the need for transformation and its execution are the essential factors that support in increasing a firm’s profitability, the planning of a long-term strategy and the retention of critical clients and workforce. Nevertheless, the already existing organisational structure and a considerable number of human factors do not reduce the difficulty of managing transformation. The typical phrase of “we have always done it this way” can also manifest itself as an obstacle when it comes to managing even the most basic of changes.

It is quite common that CEOs and senior executives, although feeling and understanding that transformation is needed, cannot define accurately what they would like, or decide what they would wish to change. My job is to analyse the actual situation of a firm and formulate a long-term strategy in cooperation with the management of the company that takes into consideration its actual circumstances, and will show, step-by-step, the work needed to achieve the desired goal.

A problem-solver who connects.

One of the most significant challenges impacting workplaces is managing the motivations of numerous simultaneously coexisting generations.

The retention of groups possessing different needs and views on life is indeed a difficult task. The comprehension and preservation of an employed workforce, whose composition ranges from Baby Boomers to the Z-generation, poses an increasingly difficult challenge to leaders and employers as well, who desperately seek to find the motivating factor that helps to retain key human resources without simply having to resort to increases in pay and other allowances.

I offer unique and realisable solutions by diagnosing the root cause of a problem and building bridges between people.

A strategy consultant taking a coaching approach to work

The creation of a company’s strategy, its subsequent proposition and acceptance is a process heavily reliant on an organization’s resources, mutual cooperation and actual reality. My own professional creed dictates that the client needs to be comprehended, heard and understood when it comes to what is important to him or her. The client will only be satisfied with the solution if he or she can live with it, and is able to apply it on an everyday basis unaided. The personalised solutions offered by me, in all instances, commence with the clarification of objectives: the definition of the ultimate requirements and the expected solutions.

The token of success is that my services are always tailor-made for the distinctive needs of each organization. One of the cornerstones of my style of work is the coaching approach I employ, as I try my best to provide unwavering attention and comprehension to my clients.

A strategy consultant taking a coaching approach to work

They need to feel that hiring an expert is an investment that will yield considerable and remarkable results.

I promise that during the work together I will be my client’s genuine partner by extending a helpful hand whenever needed, and I will be there with him or her all the way through this exciting and rewarding journey of transformation, on which we will embark together.


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